Listen to different music!

Do you like to listen to lots of different stuff and try new exciting discoveries? You definitely should look for suggestions on how to expand your horizons here!

On the Getting music from others page you can find an information on how to expand your horizons personally. If you’re more of the digital kind of person, we have lots of website suggestions in the Rating section.

When you find out what you’d like to try, you can have a look in our Listening online and Downloading sites suggestions t...

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Google Play Music

At Google Play Music you can legally download and listen to music for quite affordable prices.

Indeed, Google Play Music is Google’s music service that forms part of their Google Play store. It is an online digital music store where you can purchase songs or albums, and this works in much the same way as the iTunes Store and Amazon MP3. It’s now available in 28 countries.

If you want to use Google Music Play, you need a Google account.




The other component of Googl...

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Getting music from others

When you like to listen to different kinds of music, it’s not easy to find new stuff to listen to. From my personal experience one of the best ways of exploring new areas is to learn about what others listen to and if you like it, get it from them!

Friends with different music tastes

Generally I get most of my music suggestions from my friends...

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You have a band and you want to promote your songs? This social networking website is made for you !

Launched in 2003, Myspace is a free online community with a strong music emphasis. Indeed, with Myspace, you create your profile including photos, music and even videos. Then, you can invite your friends to join MySpace and search for your friends who are already members. These people become part of your initial « Friend Space »...

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Jamendo is the first European music platform for the promotion and discovery of independent artists offering more than 410,000 MP3 tracks by 30,000 artists from 150 countries. Created in 2005, the website has already over 1,4 million members.

Know that everything is completely free and legal! Indeed, Jamendo applies Creative Commons licenses for all the songs which means that artists can publish their music and preserve their rights while users can have unlimited downloads of quality musi...

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iTunes is a downloadable media player developped by Apple and it’s probably the world’s most popular online music, TV and movie store.

It allows many things and notably to purchase music hero_itunes and organize it by creating playlists within your Library. If you have an iPod, iPhone, iPad, it’s a good solution to use it for downloading music.

The main advantage of iTunes is its catalog. Indeed, there is a huge selection of music because it offers over 26 million songs in 119 countries...

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Grooveshark is one of the largest on-demand music services on the Internet. Created in the United States, it has 20 million users.

Unlike Deezer and Spotify, the Grooveshark’s catalog is made up of user-uploaded songs. So, it’s a powerful tool allowing to upload and share music and offering over 15 million songs...

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spotify-logo-horizontal-blackSpotify is a music streaming platform that gives you access more 20 millions songs. Launched in 2008 in Sweden, the service is now available in 32 countries and gather over 24 million active users.

The service uses a desktop client that’s why you have to download a free software. Then, you have to register by creating an account with your email address or by connecting thanks to your Facebook account.


Contrary to Deezer, you have to know that Spotify gave free web users UNLIMITE...

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We can’t speak about « How listening to online music » without mentionning Deezer. We have to know that it’s the number 1 site for listening to music on demand. It’s a website created in France in 2007 but available in 182 countries (in different langages)!

The main advantage is that no need to download any software: Deezer is a web based service which means that the only thing you have to do is to create your account online for listening the whole song...

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