Getting music from others!

When you like to listen to different kinds of music, it’s not easy to find new stuff to listen to. From my personal experience one of the best ways of exploring new areas is to learn about what others listen to and if you like it, get it from them!

Friends with different music tastes

Generally I get most of my music suggestions from my friends. It’s great to have international friends or friend from different social circles because they may show you something very different to what you’re usually used to. This extends even to other than music areas.

Example one – phone downloading


 Situation: you’re at a private  party  with lots of different people, engaged in a talk with  an interesting  girl. Naturally one of the topics can be what s you like to listen to…

 If you find out she likes something interesting, maybe even something you haven’t heard of yet, here comes your  chance – take out your laptop (or find someone who has one, if you don’t) and download music from her phone (and pray she doesn’t have iPhone). You can try and listen to it later on and find some interesting stuff.

And of course, now that you showed your interest in her, continue having fun with her – your music-related task is done for the night!


 Example two – Facebook shares

People naturally like to share their interests, including music. One of the most widely used channels nowadays is Facebook. I highly recommend you to go through your friends’ profiles every now and then and see if there’s something you like. If so, contact the person and ask for their playlists or even music, if you’re in the physical reach. Great for this is having international friends who might show you their countries’ specialties.