The Rhapsody music service provides millions of digital music tracks for you to listen to or download via their subscription membership service. Their subscription services enable users to download an unlimited number of songs to their computers or MP3 players. However, all of these songs are encrypted with digital rights management (DRM) and will no longer work if the subscription is canceled.

In addition to their subscription services, Rhapsody has introduced an MP3 store. Indeed, Rhapsody has taken note of Amazon MP3’s model and has created their own. All tracks and albums sold in the MP3 store are DRM-Free and can be used on iPod, transferred to any other portable music device, loaded to an unlimited number of computers and burned to an unlimited number of CDs. Individual tracks cost $.99 and albums sell for $9.99.

Even though they have more than 5 million songs, not all of them are available for purchase and we found Rhapsody have a lesser selection than Amazon MP3.